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Today, all of us are becoming more conscious about “HEALTH”, but then please take time to ask a simple question ……” Are we Living to Eat or Eating to Live”, for most of us the answer honestly will be “Living to Eat, irrespective of our health concerns.

We are just going by the advertisements, not by facts. “Dieting” has today become a very fashionable term, but in real sense, dieting is eating right thing in right quantity and right time.

Friends, India is becoming a big HUB of people affected with major disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular, arthritis, gastrointestinal and other diseases. The major reason for them is wrong eating habit.

Due to improved financial status and increase in income levels, Indians are eating MORE, MORE than the requirement, but certainly, not eating healthy, not as per requirement or as per RDA (Recommended dietary Allowance) as per studies of NIN( National Institute of Nutrition), about 30 -50% of adult Indians are overweight or obese.

But its surprising to note that, as per the study done by ICMR (INDIAN COUNCIL FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH), 10.5% of children in Andhra Pradesh are suffering with malnutrition, due to which they may not be able to reach their physical and mental potential.

Of late we are seeing obesity in children very frequently, the root cause for this is the food we take. Our food is in excess of calories due to high fat, carbohydrates intake with irregular eating habits associated with smoking, drinking and stress leading to complications.

In India, elders bless us “ AAYUSHMAN BHAVA ”, meaning have a long and healthy life, but today, with so many medical problems we are just buying long life by paying a heavy price. Life is being filled with pain, trauma and unhappiness.

Simply, we are just adding years to our life, but not Life to the years. To help you reduce the pain and add happiness to life, we offer www.aayushmanbhava.com, the first, truly health oriented portal which introduces you to some of the original combinations of natural dietary nutritional supplements with a scientific approach.

www.aayushmanbhava.com, is launched with a prime motto to educate and make you aware about most of the health related solutions and simple way to lead a healthy life.

Proper Nutrition is a basic human need and a prerequisite to a healthy life. At www.aayushmanbhava.com, we are not talking about loading our body with one more energy drink, but with a health drink which replenishes us with meaningful nutrients. We assure you that the Nutritional supplements introduced by www.aayushmanbhava.com, will be rational, scientific and have a research backup.

Our products will free from the side effects, scientifically based after extended research and will only promote “GOOD HEALTH AND WELL BEING” as per RDA & Indian Pharmacopoeia, at a very affordable price.

We promise, that all the products promoted by www.aayushmanbhava.com, will be free from all the unnecessary ingredients, expenses, glamour and huge expenses incurred on ads, and the money saved will be passed on to you, thus making them more cost effective. We are also not talking about miracle treatments, sudden weight gain or weight loss therapies, nor are we claiming to relieve your pain or improve the external shape or complexion with rare herbs available only in Himalayas or deep forests

What we provide and promote is authentic dietary supplements which are tested and clinically proved in the reputed labs and backed with research and publications in reputed journals