Pain Free- Tablets

Friends Pain is an unpleasant feeling, which is very difficult to express in words.

Now a day, we often see people suffering with arthritis, which means inflammation of Joints.

Most of the time we go with short cut methods like Pain killers or pain suppressors (means medicines which suppresses the sensation of pain for time being) Instead of finding the route cause of the pain & treating it. The pain killers classified as NSAIDs are effective for short term, but because other problems like gastric ulcers, weight gain, breathing problems etc on long term usage.

Our joints contain small gaps filled with a natural shock absorbing material called collagen & synovial fluid contains natural chemical GLUCOSE AMINE SULPHATE (PAIN FREE - TABLETS, ( Diacerein 50mg + glucosamine sulphate 500mg ). It works as a cushion and reduces the pressure on knees, give a free movement like a lubricant, reduces friction between the joints.

Due to the reasons like injuries, climate, age, weight, job profile, seating postures, antibiotics and also due to degenerative disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, there is a reduction of collagen & synovial fluid which leads to depletion of GLUCOSE AMINE SULPHATE in-between the joints which increases friction, causes stiff joints which causes severe pain, limits our mobility and affects our simple day to day activity and quality of life.

We at, understand your pain and thus introduced a new supplement to treat arthritis scientifically.