Friends, There is no short cut to SUCCESS.

Success is not just about winning once, but, winning continuously.

We proudly announce that SPORTIVE – Drink for Good Health, is being used by more that 23,000 children every day, since 2002.

In Today’s world, sports is not just about winning the game, but winning at any cost, as it not only brings a sense of achievement for self but also for the team and country you represent . Winning also brings in lot of other benefits like recognition, fame, wealth, respect, growth and prosperity.

In sports we frequently talk about STAMINA. Stamina is what differentiates between a winner & a runner-up. Stamina improves your endurance (your capacity to withstand both physical and mental challenges) in field and off the field.

To achieve STAMINA, you first need to have:

  1. 100% Commitment To The Sport You Play & The Time You Spend To Practice
  2. The Diet You Eat

Most of the time, we give importance only to practice but very less importance to the diet we have, thus leaving a very wide gap between the calories needed and calories supplied by the food what we eat. How can you play without properly utilizing your energy? Its like filling the petrol but not IGNITING IT.

We need to apply a rationale thinking and scientific approach to build our STAMINA.

The energy required playing an 8 hours cricket match and a 3 hours tennis match is entirely different. The STAMINA you develop is your personal and that’s going to play a major role in your success and failure, irrespective of your practice and your skills. SPORTIVE HELPS IMPROVE STAMINA

Did you know that, when you do vigorous exercises, play long matches or do an extensive practice session you not only need extra calories but also need the essential vitamins like B6, B12, E, Minerals like Chromium, zinc, Iron and copper, to help utilize the available energy, compensate the loss of electrolytes, prevent your muscle from Muscle Cramps etc.

I am glad to say that the unique formula of SPORTIVE – An excellent Health Supplement, made keeping you energy requirements in mind.

I take this opportunity to assure you that, when you use SPORTIVE, you are being supplemented with the right mix of Proteins, Carbohydrates, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements as per RDA as per Indian standards.

Now go ahead and enjoy the Soya based health drink – SPORTIVE, available in a very good Chocolate flavor. SPORTIVE- not only replenishes a major part of your daily requirement of Protein & carbohydrates but also provides you with most of the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help you improve your stamina.

Let me remind you once again – “THERE IS NO SHORT CUT TO SUCCESS ”

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