Suprabha – ORGANIC Green Tea

SUPRABHA – ORGANIC GREEN TEA fortified with vitamins and minerals (No need to add sugar)

Say Good Morning and refresh your lively moments with SUPRABHA – ORGANIC GREEN TEA.

SUPRABHA – ORGANIC GREEN TEA is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

SUPRABHA – ORGANIC GREEN TEA from offers you with the benefits of natural flavonoids and other antioxidants called polyphenols which are helpful in the prevention various disorders.

Just boil 150 ml water, transfer into a cup and put a 2 pinch of SUPRABHA – NATURAL GREEN TEA. Just mix for a minute. No need to add sugar. Now Go ahead and enjoy the true flavors and advantages of SUPRABHA – ORGANIC GREEN TEA from .

SUPRABHA – NATURAL GREEN TEA is fortified with, chromium Picolinate & Selenium, green tea extracts etc.. Contains Aspartame as sweetening agent with a very good lemon flavour.

SUPRABHA – NATURAL GREEN TEA is available in a pack of 200 gms pet bottle at a very affordable price.