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Welcome to aayushmanbhava center of excellence – ACE 360 Degree Prog.

Objective of the program is to make you industry ready.

As per a study by CII, only 13 % of management students are employable due to low skills.

Apart from theoretical knowledge, the employers look for few of the below competencies:

  • Highly competent, motivated, innovative approach, negotiating skills
  • Great public relations ability and inter personal skills, fair personality, smartness, good academic records
  • Creativity, exceptional conceptual, analytical, extremely good and active contacts within the industry
  • Good track records of success, go-getter, dynamic in nature
  • Quality of people is a key

Today’s generation requires more than employability education. And skills or knowledge is becoming obsolete faster and faster and in a shorter time span. Management education requires the ability to respond to newer situations and emerging realities without getting caught with techniques of successes. Techniques become obsolete as the environment changes.

The preparation of management students ought to be such that they can respond to the ever transforming environment. For this they need a broad based perspective as well as, multi skills, and ability to play multiple roles. This requires additional inputs besides the functional and Management education. The education also needs to help the students differentiate the various institutions and their basic assumptions and the roles.

A complex mix of personality trait and spoken and written language skills (apart from cognitive and functional skills) become important in quantifying employability in the management space. For instance, a person with great spoken English, logical ability, but without being extraverted will fail in a sales role. On the other hand, till he/she doesn't have good written English skills as well, he/she may not do well in a corporate sales role.

At Aayushmanbhava Center for Excellence ( ACE 360), the students would be provided employability training and 360 degree view and updates on FMCG industry-driven competencies, comprising classroom sessions, e-learning and self-assessments, real time field experience with reputed fmcg companies.

Course particulars:

The course is of 15 days, full time from morning 10 a.m-5 p.m, curriculum is divided in to 3 parts, about

FMCG and the trade terminologies – 8 days,

Field work - 3 days and

Role plays – 1day

Market Survey & competitor Activity – 1day

Market Survey & competitor Activity – 1day

Road show and pamphlet distribution – 1day

Formats preparation & Exam-1 day.

It’s mandatory for all the selected students to attend all the sessions as there is no provision of study material considering the classes to be more practical and interactive, thus, 100% involvement and active presence required by the student in/out of the class. will be getting a hands on training in the field, ranging from fresh products , with just 1 day life like milk , 1 month life like bakery segment to 1 year life like pickles and spices.

Post completion of the program, you now clearly understand, what is FMCG, market surveys, you now have improved communication skills and are ready to take up and execute the assigned task by your organization. The Students successfully completing the ACE program would get a certificate on their employability skills and will also be getting placement assistance and training on interview skills to get into a reputed fmcg company as a sales executive.

Eligibility any Graduate or MBA in sales and marketing.

Admission - based on a basic exam covering English communications and analytical skills and self assessment test.

Dress code – full sleeves shirt, pant, shoes, with a tie, i.d card

Fee –: Rs.15, 000 + 14.50 % service tax (Rs.2, 175/-) = Rs.17, 175=00)

(Can pay in 2 parts 12175 + 5000 = Rs. 17,175=00)


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*The fee is non refundable

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