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Outsource Your Sales

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While producing a product is an art, selling it at a right price is a desired skill and recovering the money within the stipulated time is a challenge for any business to survive.

Setting up a productive sales and marketing team is not only a time taking and tough task but also expensive in-terms of the high and continuous flow of investments required just to be in the market and time consuming. Recruitment has now Become more Complex, Difficult, and Strategic.

Many companies have struggled to break even or failed in the market due to higher operational cost arising due to uncontrolled expenditure incurred in managing a sales team than getting suitable returns from the business.

We at aayushmanbhava business consultancy will help you realize your dream of launching a product in the markets of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana at a very affordable cost ( and soon in Karnataka) , which will be a win-win situation.

www. have a well established network of 100+ dealers in AP & TS who will help distribute your products as a trial run or as a pilot project, test marketing or a full fledge launch.

We have a trained and experienced sales team who have a thorough knowledge of the topography and are good at launching new products, concepts, organizing road shows, sampling & market surveys with assured placements in 10,000+ retail outlets within a span of 6-12 months.

The data will be authenticated with structured survey reports, Daily sales reports and other data as required by you which is very similar to a regular launch but without the need to invest heavily on setting up the depots, man power, recruitment needs, training and regular follow-up. This will save both, money and time for you.

You can now focus your investments are more towards product development and market penetration schemes without worrying about team management and attrition.

The idea of sales team outsourcing makes a good sense considering “ the avg. cost of a new launch may cost between 30-50% of your budget and still not guaranteeing any success “ as per a study done by forbes magazine”. Your cost is thus limited to only hiring the sales executives as per your launch area with zero cost on hiring the managers as we take care of the sales and sales team and distribution.

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