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Sales Outsourcing “Advantages & Benefits”

Selling For New Start Up Or Growth Businesses

Starting your own business can be a daunting task. There are so many areas to consider and so many tasks to do, even before you have made a sale. Many businesses go through the set-up process with support from local advisers, accountants or funding and business advisory services. The formation of the business is the easy part.

Once everything is in place, the hard work begins and suddenly you realise you will need to start generating some new business – this is where you may need some support.

Engaging with buyers and decision makers is sometimes very tough, time consuming, consuming lot of your finances and finding a new business and making sales is a task that must happen day-in, day-out, when starting a new venture.

Our business team within business consultancy are dedicated to support your growth and one of the main aims for them is to create NEW OPPORTUNITIES and get your products and services into the marketplace for buyers and consumers to purchase from you.

Sales Outsourcing

If you are looking for sales support, please email us - to discuss our service packages and we would be happy to meet and discuss your requirements.
We cover all parts and segments in Retail, Whole Sales, Modern Trade, schools of Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, other parts of Telengana State and Andhra Pradesh ensuring good coverage with wide distribution sectors such as:-
Retail, Education, Hospitality, FMCG Selling both B2B and B2C Group helps companies identify, develop, and implement key strategies, offering support and capability building at every stage of the growth journey.
We recognise that any successful growth strategy is a complex journey of large and small decisions often made in a rapidly evolving environment that must take into account a company’s operating rhythm and leadership dynamics.
We help research, develop, test, refine, and implement their strategies, ensuring they will exploit competitive advantage and profitably grow in any chosen market. Group services are personal and draw upon many years of experience from a number of our functions of business development such as: –

  • Sales and Marketing Development
  • Supply Chain Improvement
  • Market surveys
  • Profit Improvement
  • Training, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Preparing Strategy as per your ideas and needs…

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Grow your Sales with in a fixed budget – contact us , if....your answer to any of these is “YES”...

  • Do you have a product or concept but unable to sell it?
  • Do you need to grow your sales? But unable to do as planned.
  • Do you need better results from your current sales activity? But unable to get the desired.
  • Do you have a Sales Team and do they need additional support?
  • Is the cost of employing full time sales personnel prohibitive for your business?

One of the biggest challenges for any business is ensuring that there are sufficient opportunities to deliver continued sales growth. Another challenge is carrying out the sales activity within a planned timeline, creating the sales campaign, following up opportunities and not letting any prospect get away and doing this month after month after month.

It’s easier with a large in house trained and well paid sales team, but maybe not so easy in a business where employing large teams is cost prohibitive and also considering the regular employee attrition.

At business consultancy we provide the sales development support and do the ‘ACTUAL SELLING’ for your business. Our well trained sales team will ensure sales by helping you appoint distributors, retailers or other sales channels as desired and found suitable to help the business grow across the states of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh.

Flexible solutions for your business needs

From as little as 30,000 p.m/ executive territory, we can help develop your sales…. We work with our existing sales teams and 100+ distributors to boost your sales . Organisations who don’t have a team of people selling or who can’t afford to manage a big sales team with high overheads and unpredictable results will surely be benefitted with our sales and marketing plans

What we do?

Its simple we do the doing…

  • We learn about your business
  • We work with you to prepare the marketing campaigns
  • We agree a sales plan
  • We manage the prospect data
  • We make the follow up calls
  • We create the appointments
  • We follow up the sales and create ongoing pipelines
  • We prepare the presentations
  • We meet with your customers to gain additional business opportunities
  • We attend exhibitions and sell your products and services to potential clients
  • We negotiate with buyers & close the sale

Why Outsource Sales?

A good reason to consider sales outsourcing is to test and expand new and current markets, without having to outlay significant costs of recruiting and training a sales team to undertake the same function, which could be outsourced at a fraction of the cost or to support your existing teams in gaining new business opportunities from either existing customers or from entirely new customers. So, now you can say good bye to high salary payouts, live with peace from non performing sales team and employee attrition. Call us today.

At business consultancy we believe that companies can obtain improved results from sales outsourcing because independent sales people can live and breathe your products and services, and bring a level of consistency and best practice to a job that is sometimes difficult to achieve within an in-house sales team

Reasons to consider outsourced sales

  • Highly visible information on the results delivered from your sales expenditure
  • No high costs of employing your own sales personnel- Hire 2 executives at the cost of one.
  • Speed and low start-up costs
  • The ability to have a ‘fraction’ of a sales person – any number of days per week/month
  • Access to experienced, expert sales people
  • No worry about managing remote sales personnel
  • Option to buy in a skill / skills that your business may not have
  • The ability to ‘staff up’ for specific campaign requirements
  • Flexible commitments to suit budget
  • No exposure to down-time due to staff turnover, illness
  • You can focus on running your core business
  • Sales people focused on the tasks of sales rather than being drawn into your business
  • Share the determination to grow your business
  • Make appointments to meet with potential new buyers.
  • Work with your internal team to create the quotations/cost options or full proposals to the potential customers.
  • Present the options to the buyers/consumers.
  • Manage any negotiations in conjunction with your business, Close the sale.


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