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Aayushmanbhava Business Consultancy services

Aayushmanbhava Business Consultancy services is emerging as the preferred organization in AP & Telengana states in developing the strategy for your organization as we understand the abc of your business needs and prepare tailor-made plans to suite your growth plans

We believe in positively affecting people by inspiring them in their personal, social and professional environments. In doing so, we renew their respect for themselves and for each other, and give them a new take on their values, beliefs and perception

An acronym for succeeding through enriched People, “ABC” recognizes the significance of people as the true differentiator in today’s competitive environment.

We are committed to help SME companies, NGOs and Education institutes harness the Human Resource Management function as a strategic partner in business success and growth with a range of corporate training, learning and development activities and initiatives in India, including a host of path-breaking proprietary tools.

After conducting a thorough need assessment of your company, we offer customized training solutions that bring about positive and measurable changes in management behavior, attitudes and skills at all levels of a corporate company.

Going beyond companies, Aayushmanbhava Business Consultancy Services initiates contact with corporate people when they are at their crucial stages of life, by running various corporate training programmes for professional sales and marketing management companies in Hyderabad

All our management training interventions carry the distinct flavor of experiential training and looking beyond the classroom. We focus on interactive corporate training and learning experiences and facilitate change within an organization and individual context.

Our aim is to add meaning to companies through people development initiatives in India. We are constantly evolving in our corporate and management training methodologies, tools and techniques. For this purpose, our highly qualified team spends a large part of their time on researching and upgrading their corporate training skill sets and knowledge

Innovative sales development training for the 21st century

At Aayushmanbhava Business Consultancy Services, our sales performance training takes you beyond outdated sales theories and methods. In today’s tough sales environment, just positioning yourself as the expert advisor or leveraging your personality are no longer enough to win customers or new business. Modern customers have a world of options literally at their fingertips, so selling products – or even solutions – requires a new approach and skill sets. So, what works? To put it simply, integrating the entire customer experience, from start to finish – and that’s just what we help you do. This can be best explained by – after class room discussions, We arrange live field training for sales team.

Customer experience ownership

We systematically show you how to make your sales efforts more successful and effective by providing the tools and competencies you need. Because today’s customer is seeking a buying experience in which every part of the sales encounter is seamlessly integrated into the whole, we help you take charge of every aspect, showing you how to skillfully craft the entire sales process. It’s what we call Owning the Customer Experience, and it’s exactly what our sales training is designed to do. Every person in your organization has a role to play in implementing the Customer Experience Ownership model.

Our innovative approach

Today we are at an exciting crossroads in modern sales and marketing – one that poses many challenges, yet also one that offers great potential for success to those who are willing to diverge from the beaten path, forge ahead, and try something new. At Aayushmanbhava Business Consultancy Services, our extensive experience helping client organizations locally and regionally has given us a unique perspective and uncommon insight which help us provide the strategy and skills you need to create value for your customers at every point in the sales process. Our innovative approach to Sales Performance Training can mean the difference between mediocrity and excellence.


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