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Why Partner With Aayushmanbhava

Hope you will agree with me that, today we are in a buyer’s market not sellers. The customer is flooded with newer & newer products, attractive packages, pocket friendly schemes, etc.

We at aayushmanbhava share your vision, mission and dream to offer the world class quality products and services to the customers. Our experienced team will help you to be in the forefront of competition and always ensure that you are leading the race by working on the 4 p’s of marketing, i.e; Product, Price, Place and Promotion and also work on your organizations SWOT analysis ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats).

It’s not that you don’t know or can’t do it on your own, but, we are just here offering you one more hand of support to strengthen your hand and share your vision and work on the ways to achieve it, as a dependable partner in your growth and development, We can help you reduce costs on

  • Sales and marketing
  • Brand building activities
  • Business management and monitoring
  • Improving revenues with fine tuned supply chain management
  • TQM concepts
  • Team management, etc…

Today’s Marketplace is highly dynamic and competitive. Businesses have to face tough competition from other independent entities that offer similar services or goods in the marketplace. Such rivals are termed as ‘Business Competitors’. This competition exists between businesses in a number of ways. The ultimate aim of every business is to attract more and more customers, while retaining the present.

Thus, Business competitors are entities that have the capability to attract a business’ customers and offer them greater value for money. For example: Competition exists between two FMCG companies on the basis of quality, price and offers on their cookies/ biscuits offering lucky draws, gold coins, cars and foreign trips. These companies are in tough competition with each other to offer value for money to attract the maximum number of customers.

  • Product innovation - to offer unique products as per the needs of the customers.
  • Personalisation of products - providing extra benefits to products to cater for particular customer groups. For example: financial service products specially- enhanced to suit an individual’s needs
  • Location - being at the most convenient location for customers.
  • Customer service - giving the best personal attention to the needs of customers.

Competition should be taken as a means of improving a firm’s business and firm should not lose focus of its objectives of improvement while concentrating on finding tactics to beat the competitors, both Direct and Indirect.

Please remember, mistakes are costly to do, need to learn from others mistakes not ours.

Good Wishes and all the best in your future endeavors.

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B. Srihari Rao – Business Strategy Consultant,
Aayushmanbhava Business Consultancy, Hyderabad
M.Sc (Psychology),
Certification in SCM -IIT- Delhi
Business Management from IIM -Lucknow

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